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What is Lyra?

Lyra (lee-ruh) is a github organization started by Puppet to collect open-source projects and repositories that work with cloud infrastructure. They’re mostly written in Go and universally welcome issues, comments, and PRs! Some highlights and places to get started:

What was Lyra?

Lyra, the project, was originally intended to be an open source workflow engine for provisioning and managing cloud native infrastructure. Using infrastructure as code, Lyra enabled you to declaratively provision and manage public cloud, private cloud, and other API-backed resources as well as orchestrate imperative actions. For more information, see the README.md in the main project repository.

As we developed Lyra, it became clear that the end-to-end workflow had a significant amount of overlap with other tools. The use cases for it are closely aligned with tools like Terraform and Pulumi as well as cloud native continuous delivery projects like Jenkins X, Tekton Pipelines, and Spinnaker. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we shifted to working upstream with existing projects and communities. The original codebase and project documentation are still available in the project repository.