Lyra is a workflow engine for provisioning and orchestrating cloud native infrastructure.


Setting up Lyra

Installing Lyra

Using Lyra

Deploying a Lyra workflow

Writing a Lyra workflow in YAML

Running Lyra in Kubernetes controller mode



Building blocks

Workflow semantics

YAML workflows

Puppet workflow DSL

Running Lyra in Kubernetes controller mode

Run Lyra in Kubernetes controller mode if you want Lyra to continuously apply a workflow and make sure that your resources exist in a desired state.

Before you run Lyra in controller mode, make sure you’ve set up the Kubernetes command-line tool.

Important: Deploying a workflow creates real resources and could incur a charge from your cloud provider.

To run Lyra in controller mode:

  1. Install the Lyra workflow CustomResourceDefinition (CRD):

    kubectl apply -f k8s/lyra_v1alpha1_workflow_crd.yaml
  2. Start Lyra in controller mode:

    ./build/bin/lyra controller --debug
  3. Open a second Terminal window and create a Workflow resource:

    kubectl apply -f k8s/vpc-workflow.yaml
  4. Inspect the resource:

    kubectl get workflows
  5. (Optional) Delete the resources associated with the workflow:

    kubectl delete workflow vpc-workflow

Note: The tag data for Kubernetes workflows is specified in the data section of k8s/vpc-workflow.yaml in your Lyra directory.