Lyra is a workflow engine for provisioning and orchestrating cloud native infrastructure.


Setting up Lyra

Installing Lyra

Using Lyra

Deploying a Lyra workflow

Writing a Lyra workflow in YAML

Running Lyra in Kubernetes controller mode



Building blocks

Workflow semantics

YAML workflows

Puppet workflow DSL

Deploying a Lyra workflow

You can deploy workflows using the Lyra CLI.

Before you deploy a workflow, make sure you’ve installed Lyra. You can write your own workflow to deploy, or use one of the sample workflows found in the workflows directory.

Important: Deploying a workflow creates real resources and could incur a charge from your cloud provider. If you’d like to try Lyra without spending any money, try out Foobernetes, a fictional cloud provider used to illustrate and test the capabilities of Lyra. Fore more information, read the annotated Foobernetes workflow.

Deploy a workflow

Use lyra apply to deploy a Lyra workflow:

./build/bin/lyra apply <YOUR_WORKFLOW>

Tip: Leave out the file extension for the workflow.

Tip: Use the --debug flag for a more detailed description of what is happening when you perform an action with Lyra.

Delete a workflow

Use the delete command to completely remove the resources created by a workflow:

./build/bin/lyra delete <YOUR_WORKFLOW>

Example: Deploying the aws workflow

The aws workflow example manages several resources on AWS.

The workflow incorporates external data in the form of AWS tags that Lyra loads using a Go implementation of Hiera. The tags are specified in the data.yaml file found in the root directory of your Lyra installation. Before you apply this workflow, make sure you’ve set up AWS credentials and added them to ~/.aws/credentials.

To apply the aws workflow, use the following command:

./build/bin/lyra apply aws --debug

To delete the workflow, use the following command::

./build/bin/lyra delete aws --debug

Note: Currently, the defualt region is hardcoded to “eu-west-1”. To use a different region, use export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION="<YOUR_REGION>".